A Cuppa Flowers - Mascot, Australia

A Cuppa Flowers

In the heart of a bustling city, this charming little cafe has managed to make you feel a small escape into a quiet farm like setting. This lovely spot has combined a flower shop and cafe into one making it unique and trendy. Fresh bouquets of flowers line the checkered walls as a sweet aroma of rich coffee and muffins serenade the air. Find yourself a cozy seat at an old wooden farm table and grab a flower and gardening book while you wait. After sipping on one of the creamiest chai tea latte's, we’ve  tasted make sure to take notice of the delicious treats they have in the cake stands! This is the perfect spot to take a little break and treat yourself to something yummy. 


The Sweet Spot

A Cuppa Flowers

33 Kent Road, Mascot New South Wales 2020, Australia

+61 83194022


Monday-Sunday: 7AM-4PM