Amorino - Strasbourg, France


This fairytale village located in Strasbourg France holds cobble stone pathways over rivers and storybook architecture in every direction. In the midst of the winter months bringing snowy days and twinkling lights, you will need to warm your soul with one of Amorino’s pure hot cocoa drinks. The milky warm chocolate ripples in your cup as you stir in the fresh vanilla dollops of cream. Truly a delicious and tasty way to keep warm. This little charming shop is as busy during the winter as they are in the summer, providing artistic rose like gelato to cool you off in the warmer sunny days. If you haven’t traveled to Amorino’s then we suggest you put this one up on your bucket list! 


The Sweet Spot


11 Rue Merciere, 67000 Strasbourg, France

+33 3 88 75 14 79


Monday-Thursday: 10AM-9PM

Friday and Saturday: 10AM-11PM

Sunday: 10AM-9PM