Confiserie Teuscher - Zurich, Switzerland

Confiserie teuscher

With locations all over the world, Teuscher chocolate is certainly a global sensation! From prestigious magazines, famous connoisseurs and anyone one who has tasted their chocolate, will agree, it is simply the best! Here at their home location in Switzerland, the chocolate capital of the world, Teuscher houses one of the most magical storefronts you will ever lay eyes on. Fancy boxes of rich colors and fabrics sit atop the shelves waiting for you to fill them with their chocolatey treats. A gift  for yourself  or for someone special will be for you to decide! Dark champagne truffles, half dipped orange slices and milk chocolate ganache, fill your taste buds with a healthy reminder of why chocolate is a girl’s best friend! Be sure to have patience while choosing, as this Swiss shop hand manufactures over 200 varieties of confections and pastries. Truly, a shop mastering the art of flavor, purity and excellent quality of milk and dark chocolate since 1932. So, as the weather changes and holidays come and go, Teuscher chocolate will  always be in season.