There is no denying we have always had good chemistry with  ice cream! Here at Creamistry, we have fallen in love with their unique way of making up their frozen treats, using liquid nitrogen. Watch as a white cloud of sweetness explodes from the bowls as they make your dessert right before you. This fancy ice cream  comes in delicious flavors like birthday cake, cookie monster, frosted animal cookie, Reese's peanut butter and so many more! Sprinkled with things like fruity pebbles and captain crunch, this place is perfect for trying new things! Whether you stick to the  classics or experiment with new flavors, it's basic science that this place is simply delicious!


The Sweet Spot

The Sweet spot


731 West San Marcos Boulevard, San Marcos, California 92078, United States



Sunday - Thursday: 12PM - 10PM

Friday- Saturday: 12PM - 11PM