Donut Bar - San Diego, California

donut bar

“Donut" be a stranger to this amazing shop that manages to sell donuts big than you face! With wild and crazy flavors like cake batter, mud pie and Oreo, every day is a new adventure for your taste buds here. One of our favorite flavors and definitely something to rave about is their strawberry or blueberry pop tart! A mouth watering donut filled with fresh berry flavor, with rich sugary frosting dripping of the sides! Tasting exactly like your childhood favorite pop tart!! Amazed by their creativity, their flavors are truly out of this world! Make sure to arrive early as they sell out quickly and once these delicious donuts are gone, they close up shop! Also, take a fun photo with their wings outside on the building, because here, donuts really do make you fly! 


The Sweet Spot

The Donut Bar

631 B Street, San Diego, California 92101, United States



Monday – Friday: 7am to Sold Out
Saturday and Sunday: 8am to Sold Out
Friday and Saturday Encore Opening: 5pm to 10pm