Fourth Chapter

You haven’t begun your morning until you experience a high stack of fancy pancakes! With white walls and hanging pots, this cozy little cafe is far from ordinary. With a menu that will make your mouth water, of course our eyes delighted at the site of the “Raspberry and Coconut Pancakes.” Three grand, fluffy, puffy cakes arrived stacked high and ready to eat! Raspberries, strawberries and coconut shavings were delicately sprinkled around the scrumptious center piece. A  cold lump of sweet coconut ice cream topped off the perfect plate of joy! These were an absolute delight to have a morning munch! A perfect size to share, while you sip down one of their unique red velvet or chai lattes! 


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Fourth Chapter

385 High Street, Prahran Victoria 3181, Australia



Monday-Friday 7AM-4PM

Saturday 8AM-4PM

Sundayn 8AM-4PM