Honey & Butter

Honey & Butter

Well, we are back at it again! Finding the perfect macaron  is becoming easier and easier with cookie shops like this popping up! Honey & Butter has us hooked. This creative and funky shop has flower walls, rope swings and some of the most delicious macarons we’ve tasted yet! Much bigger than the traditional French  cookies, these are fat and soft. Wild flavors, colors, and shapes fill their trays high. We of course needed to try the extra large macaron. Stuffed like a classic s’more, this cookie was nothing short of exceptional! Green apple pie, sweet raspberry and cocoa  chocolate were simply a few of our favorite delights. Baked to perfection, these macarons are a new and innovative take on this classic cookie!


The Sweet Spot

Honey & Butter

633 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, California 92618, United States



Monday-Sunday: 10AM-9PM