La Belle Miette - Melbourne, Australia


While stepping onto the busy streets of Melbourne, you can easily look in any direction and find yourself something yummy to eat. Down below, and in between the endless towering buildings, you will find yourself soaring through little ally ways discovering treasured places. Amongst many scrumptious choices, one little spot stood out as it sat pretty in pink down a grey ally. With a taste of France La Belle Miette brings macarons to Melbourne! A charming cafe setting with lime green tables, and a window filled with towering tea cups and cookie boxes, sets for a happy afternoon experience. Inside this little shop is a case filled with colorful rows of French macaron cookies. All kinds of flavors and choices to be made and wrapped up into a little pink box. This place is a charming and delicious stop for your trip in Melbourne!


The Sweet Spot

La belle miette

30 Hardware Lane, Melbourne Victoria 3000, Australia



Monday to Thursday 10am – 6pm
Friday 10am – 9pm (until 6pm in January)
Saturday 10am – 5pm 
Sunday 10am – 4pm