Lab Dessert and Coffee - San Diego, California

Lab Dessert and Coffee

Just when, you think they’ve thought of it all a cotton candy burrito lands in your mouth! Leave it to California to combine a burrito into a cotton candy dream. In this little hole in the wall spot, you will find macarons, ice cream and the famous ice cream wrapped burrito made of pure cotton candy. We indulged in this sugary treat with every bite being more delicious than the last. Customizing your burrito is half the fun, with your choice of ice cream flavor, cereal or topping sprinkled in and of course wrapped up in light fluffy cotton candy! This place is very unique and fun, making for a great memory while trying something out of the ordinary! 


The Sweet Spot

Lab dessert and coffee

4817 Convoy Street, San Diego, California 92111, United States



Monday-Thursday: 9AM–10:30PM

Friday: 9AM-midnight

Saturday: 12PM-midnight

Sunday: 1PM-10PM