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Maison Laduree

The Macaron has surely become one of the world's most iconic cookies. We are certainly no strangers to the famous Maison LaDuree. After all, he and his 2nd cousin Pierre Desfontaines were the ones to revolutionize this simple one sided Italian cookie into a three part French delight. Together in the 1860s, they created varieties of sweet jams, rich ganaches and mouthwatering fillings. Sandwiching them together, they became what we know today as the French macaron. These petite little treats are bright  and cheerful coming in endless varieties of colors and delicious flavors.   

Here at Maison Laduree, we sat for a proper tea time under the purple blossom trees and warm sunny skies. Sipping on our teas of choice, the "Josephine" and "Cheri" were perfect selections as our silver tray of treats was delivered. Our three tiered tower included six delectable macarons of our choosing. Our favorite flavors are the "Yellow Lemon" having a subtle burst of lemon citrus cascade over your palate. The "Red Raspberry" has a sweet sticky texture to its jam like filling. The "Pink  Strawberry Marshmallow" is light and fluffy accompanied with a sugary hint of berry flavors. Lastly, a seasonal special is the "Pineapple." This one was refreshing as it has little bits of mouth watering fruits throughout each bite.   Below our cookie shelf, we had the next layer providing us with two of the most decadent bakery items one could hope for. The "Raspberry Ispahan" a larger rose flavored macaron with fresh raspberries and lychee cream. This scrumptious pastry melts right in your mouth. Although, we must say our favorite is the "Blackberry Ispahan" made with fresh blackberries, and a lavender macaron flavor. 

After a fantastic time at one of our favorite places to be, this little piece of Paris is a wonderful  place to spend your afternoon! Bon Appetit!  


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Maison Laduree

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