Marche Du Macaron - Ashgrove, Australia

Marche du macaron

Of course by now you can tell how crazy we are about a good macaron! As they continue to grow more and more popular world wide, we are always on the hunt for the most exceptional! Marche Du Macaron brilliantly achieved taking the much-loved and classic Australian treat “The Lamington” and turned it into a macaron! Transcended by our first bite of this thick fudgy delight we knew this was going on the blog! Rich in its dark chocolate flavor, brownie like texture and topped with a sprinkle of desiccated coconut it is sure to send your taste buds soaring! Wild in color and selections their cases are filled with batches of these magnificent treats. These cookies are rebellious in their form, being larger and much chewy than the traditional french macaron. Although we aren’t complaining over these delicious desserts especially when our motto is “a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand”. 


The Sweet Spot

Marche Du Macaron

54 Frasers Road, Ashgrove Queensland 4060, Australia



Monday - Saturday: 6:30AM-2PM and  Sunday: 7:30AM-12PM