In the heart of a charming village near the San Francisco Bay, Miette patisserie serenades the air with their sweet Parisian smell of candies and cupcakes. Gold topped candy jars are filled to the brim with chocolates and sweets lining the shelves from top  to bottom. Old fashion, green tables hold polka dot bags of goodies and gifts you can find yourself loading up on. Rows of fancy swirled cupcakes sit inside the counter of fresh baked goods simply waiting to come home with you! This special French inspired  candy shop on the corner is impossible to miss with their delightful pink entrance and cheerful decor. With tables, walls and counters filled with mouthwatering treats, this may be one of San Francisco’s sweetest streets!


The Sweet Spot


449 Octavia Street, San Francisco, California 94102, United States



Monday-Sunday: 11AM-7PM