Mootime Creamery

Mootime Creamery

While there are many beautiful places in San Diego, Coronado island remains high on our list for favorite spots. The wide stretches of sandy beaches provides stunning views of the ocean waves. Nestled by the sea there sits an old historic hotel named the “Hotel  Del Coronado.” A beautiful site to see with its cardinal red roof and white clapboard panels. As rich as it is in site, it has a history to follow, as it was once known as the largest resort hotel in the world. Always fascinated by its beauty, we often find  ourselves walking through and exploring its many shops and cafes. Captured by the sweet smell of freshly bakes waffle cones, we followed the delectable scent into Mootime Creamery! A happy red ice cream shop filled with candies and cases of swirling towers  of ice-cream. Each flavor handcrafted and exceptionally creamy! We certainly couldn’t think of a better afternoon, than sitting by the beach with a scoop of ice-cream!


The Sweet Spot

The Sweet spot

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Mootime Creamery

1025 Orange Ave, Coronado, California 92118, United States



Open Daily 11am - 10pm