Reimer's Candies And Gifts - Three Rivers, Ca

Reimer's candies and gifts

Away in the woods along a snowy mountain road to the Sequoia's we stumbled upon a little candy cottage. Standing out in red with a white lace trimmed roof, we pushed open the front door to a cozy wooden shop. Inside it was filled with the sweet aroma of chocolates and truffles being made in the back kitchen. Glass jars of colorful candies sit atop a long stretched out case of rich chocolates. Bear paws, caramel squares and mint truffles are simply a few of our favorites. Baskets of sticky candy and  gummies are loaded on the shelves and a special holiday treat to try is their German Christmas bread wrapped in a crimson red silk ribbon. Once you walk through the sweet shop, you find a little window to peak through that gives you a chance to watch the bakers at work. Dressed in white, they pour milk chocolate, roll fresh fudge and craft the delicious pieces of chocolate we filled out paper bags with. Far from the city, nestled in the forest it's a magical place to say the least and perhaps a perfect stop along the way to the biggest trees in the world. 


The Sweet Spot

Reimer's Candies and Gifts

42375 Sierra Dr, Three Rivers, California 93271, United States



Monday-Sunday: 10AM-6PM