San Churro - Bondi Beach, Australia

San Churro

Churros and chocolate make up this sweet little spot in this beachy town of Bondi! The rich smell of sugar and cinnamon draw you in from the beach to snack on one of their delicious hot churros! A variety of scrumptious sauces come alongside of your warm sugary treat. Smooth milk chocolate, cookie butter crunch and sweet salted caramel to name only a few! One of the most unique and noteworthy parts of this little shop is their signature PINK Ruby chocolate. That’s right, PINK chocolate! A monumental  moment in cocoa history, as it is the only new chocolate to hit the world by storm in eighty years! So, you can imagine its specialty in texture and perfected taste for the palate. Whether you order a single piece of the many flavorful candies or order an assortment wrapped in a pretty pink box! These scrumptious new creattions are simply as unique in flavor as they are in their beautiful rose pink color. What a fun and different thing to experience!


The Sweet Spot

San churro

shop 5/84 campbell parade Bondi beach, NSW Australia

+61 2 9130 4331


Monday-Thursday: 8AM–9:30PM

Friday and Saturday: 8AM–10:30PM

Sunday 8AM–9:30PM