Social Hideout - Waterloo, Australia

Social Hideout

Spring is always here and blooming at this fabulous place! Escorted from the outside, you can float your way down the long purple carpet, and step into a garden like oasis. Lilac flowers drip from the ceiling as dark purple and pink rosettes cascade their way down pale mint colored walls. White cushioned chairs sit at your chic café table with a simple purple flower centerpiece. This is a fantastic place to explore a menu of exciting and wildly creative dishes. From your sweet vanilla latte arriving in a silver bathtub smothered in fairy floss and cream. To your puffy, purple pancakes being overloaded in black sesame ice cream and fresh fruit. Each dish perfectly crafted with a feminine and artistic touch in mind. With the Audrey Hepburn mural, Hello gorgeous flower wall, and pink ruffled umbrellas, this place is smashingly brilliant! A truly delightfully girly spot for breakfast, brunching or just an afternoon out with the girls! 


The Sweet Spot

Social hideout

25-33 Allen Street, Waterloo New South Wales 2017, Australia

+61 2 8068 4482


Monday - Friday: 6AM-3:30PM 

Saturday - Sunday: 7:30AM-3PM

(Kitchen Closes Daily 2:30PM)