With one of the sweetest love stories yet.. This adorable  couple, Rosie and Josh, made their candy dreams a reality! This chic boutique has just about everything sweet, and it’s all packaged perfectly! Famous for their simple clear boxes, you will see the walls coated in shelves full of them. Each little box is filled  with all your favorites, gummies, chocolates, sours and caramels! With creativity at it;s finest, Sugarfina has come out with their very own candy collections! The Champagne candy, Rose all day, rainbow collection and many more! With themes for every occasion,  we are certain you will find something that is special and unique to you! Taking pride in their beautiful packaging, these sweet little boxes and gift sets make for the perfect present. With an elegance and charm, this fantastic shop for us, was love at first  bite!


The Sweet Spot


4353 La Jolla Village Drive, San Diego, California 92122, United States



Monday-Saturday: 10AM-9PM
Sunday: 11AM-7PM