Tella Balls

Tella Balls

Tella all your friends to come join you at the bar tonight,  of course by that we mean... the dessert bar!!! With an intoxicating smell of Nutella and fresh stuffed donuts, you can’t help indulging in one of their sweet treats! With a case filled with ice cream for days, we picked out a signature Tella Ball shake! Pure,  rich vanilla ice cream with a crispy, yet soft, Nutella filled donut and wagon wheel decorating the top! This place is an overload of delicious baked goods, ice cream and a large menu of sweet desserts! We certainly expericed love at first bite!


The Sweet Spot

Tella Balls

Shellharbour City Centre, New South Wales, Australia

+61 2 8384 4500


Monday- Sunday: 11AM-11PM

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