The Bloom Room Cafe - Birkdale, Australia

The bloom room cafe

What a lovely and enchanting spot to spend the day brunching! Against the blueberry colored walls and classic alabaster wainscoting, there is a festoon of flowers dangling from the ceiling above. Just behind a set of three european style tables you can nestle into a seat in front of an exposed white washed brick wall with climbing vines and blossoming flowers. Naturally we ordered the sweetest thing on the menu, the tiramisu pancakes! Arriving in style the pancakes were placed to the side of a large round platter, giving an artistic touch. Coffee flavored mascarpone sends a tantalizing aroma through your first bite into these deep chocolate pancakes. Smothered in berries and a half glazed peach brûlée, lumps of chocolate ganache truffles and candied hazelnuts add an excellent element of surprising bursts of flavor. These delectable pancakes left us happy and full! After all, there isn’t a sweeter way to start your day then with a little chocolate and pancakes!  


The Sweet Spot

190 Birkdale Road, Birkdale Queensland 4159, Australia

+61 7.3822.9336


Monday-Sunday: 7AM -2PM