Two Sis & Co - Pyrmont, Australia

two sis & co

Mermaids are real! Well at least they are on these magical under the sea pancakes. With a sprinkle filled message in a bottle, fluffy fairy floss and peanut butter swirls it is pure magic on a platter. While sitting in this small, yet cozy cafe against the tropical green leaf wall, we anxiously awaited the arrival of these delicious hot cakes. After sipping on a tropical fruit juice, the grand breakfast finally arrived! Three fluffy sea blue pancakes sit sandwiching thick layers of vanilla cream encircled  with fresh exotic fruits, sweet spun sugar, and a dollop of ice cream. All to top it off, a blue tipped sugar marzipan mermaid tail diving right into the middle of all its goodness! While busy taking lots of photos, make a note, these special pancakes are not traditional when it comes to being overly sweet as they are made with blue spirulina. While being on the healthier side, the fairy floss, fruit and peanut butter sauce help with flavor. However, these are extremely artistic and so much fun to  order! 


The Sweet Spot

two sis & co

306 Harris Street, Pyrmont New South Wales 2009, Australia

+61 451 594 665


Monday- Sunday: 7AM-4PM